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What Are SILX?

SILX are fine strands of synthetic silk tied to a single strand of hair. They're available in a variety of colors and last for weeks or even months until the strand of hair falls out. SILX are made of a material specifically designed to hold up to daily washing, brushing, and styling (even heat styling!) without change. Each batch of SILX is tested to ensure the highest quality. You can curl, straighten, blow dry and even color your hair with SILX in and they will not melt. The only place you can purchase SILX is directly through SILX Global & all product comes with a heat resisitant guarantee.

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Share SILX

Our Affiliate Program creates the opportunity to make money while sharing SILX when and where you like. We will send you a “business in a box” which includes all of the supplies, tools, and training you need to get started! The process of placing SILX in someone's hair can be done almost anywhere and does not require a cosmetology license. Our affiliates are able to make an easy $20 in 5 minutes doing SILX. It's the ultimate "side hustle" for people looking to create income and get further connected in their communities. Our affiliates will make a minimum of $5,800 when they sell out of their SILX display at $4.00 per strand and can make as much as $11,600.00 depending on clients length of hair. Also, our affiliates will have access to wholesale re-ordering & will be able to purchase SILX for as little as 50 cents per strand! Along with wholesale re-ordering each affiliate will have access to exclusive “limited edition” colors & seasonal marketing materials to get the word out about their business! We currently have 85+ affiliates throughout the nation and are in 10 different states & two countries! We have also signed many Luxury Salons who are offering our product. If you are interested in offering SILX at your Salon, Spa, or place of business please email: If you are intersted in becoming an independant affiliate simply purchase your kit & it will be shipped to you within 2 business days!

We are currently seeking Affiliates worldwide! Affiliate packages are available for individuals and salons of all sizes. Start your SILX business today!



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