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About SILX Global

Meet Our Founder.


This business has brought so much joy & connection to my life but before I tell you how I should take you back to the beginning. 


I started this business as a stay at home mom of two girls. My husband is a fire-fighter and is gone for days on end and I found myself cooped up in my house a lot with little connection to other women. I had a schedule that required me to be there to drop my kids off at school, make lunches & be available when they needed me. My schedule didn’t allow me to go out and get a full time job. I loved being home with my kids but I couldn't help the disconnect I felt from the outside world. My kids could sense that "mom was un-inspired" so it was affecting all of us. In 2017 I started weaving hair sparkles into friends & families hair for fun but the product I found was unreliable & would intermittently melt into clients hair despite its claim of being “heat resistant.” After months of searching, I finally discovered a manufacturer who was able to make our product “SILX” with the highest heat resistance on the market. I put a SILX display together and started getting the word out about my “SILX hair sparkles”. It wasn’t long before friends of friends were contacting me to do birthday parties & store owners were calling me to set up “pop up shops” to get more people in their door. The beauty with SILX is that there are SO many reasons that people love getting sparkles in their hair. I was doing birthday parties, ladies wine nights, collaborations with women who do other small businesses, grand opening parties, sporting events… the list goes on! I quickly realized that people of all ages LOVED getting SILX in their hair & I was easily able to make in two hours what most women made working a full day’s shift. I also got the much needed social aspect back in my life while talking with women as I did their hair SILX. I loved it! The hours flew by, my schedule became booked weeks in advance, the bank account grew & long term client relationships were formed. 
Within 2 months of doing SILX I had saved thousands of dollars. The entire atmosphere in my house had changed. My kids saw how fulfilling it was for me to go out for a few hours and connect with other women & it made my time at home with them all the more meaningful. I loved that I had a job where I could make over 100.00 per hour with the flexibility to be home full time with my kids. That is when I knew: I HAD to teach other women how to do SILX. I knew I had to get my product in the hands of others & ship them everything they needed to start their own SILX business. I got in touch with a strong entrepreneur named Lindsay Roselle & we partnered up & formulated the perfect “SILX side hustle business” in March of 2018.
Since then, our company has grown rapidly with over 80 affiliates in the first 10 months of business! Our affiliates range from age 12 to 65 and are already in 10 different states! We have also had MAJOR paid collaborations with companies like Dropbox, Bumble and Facebook! Facebook loved our product so much that they have flown SILX Global out twice to do SILX for their entire headquarters. As a first year company this is almost unheard of and definitely helped to launch our company into a level of it's own very quickly. 
If you are looking for the perfect “side hustle” that is flexible & social I encourage you to become an affiliate. It is very rare that you are ever able to own your own business for under $1,000.00 and we have created the perfect system so you are able to start making money the day you receive your kit. Another major difference with our company is that we are NOT a multi-level marketing company. We have a very straight-forward approach: You purchase your starter kit and make a minimum of $5800.00 when you sell out of your SILX display at $4.00 per strand. Also, you make 100% profit! What’s better than that!?
The icing on the cake has been watching women across America start their SILX side hustle & make major differences in their income levels while connecting with other empowering women in their area. I am so proud of our unique business opportunity & truly believe that it is only a matter of time before SILX is in every state & every city. We also offer an amazing option for luxury salons. We provide exclusivity to our salons within a certain distance so if you are interested in offering SILX at your luxury salon or spa be sure to get in touch! As the CEO of SILX Global I am so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to people everywhere! SILX truly has changed my life & I'm excited for it to change yours.